Renault keys in front of steernig wheel

Risks of DIY car key programming

In today’s world where DIY projects reign supreme, the allure of tackling car key issues independently can be strong for many vehicle owners. However, beneath ...
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Renault car fob repair and replacement

Repairing car key fobs

Can you repair a car key fob? Car key fobs are integral components of modern vehicle security systems, providing convenience and ease of access. However, ...
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Why you should invest in a spare car key

Did you know that around half of UK car owners often misplace their vehicle keys? Equally surprising is that nearly half of them don’t have ...
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Car thief looking through window

What to do if your car keys have been stolen

Discovering that your car keys have been stolen can be a distressing experience. At Carsmith Midlands, we understand the importance of ensuring your safety and ...
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How much does it cost to change car locks?

Replacing car locks is a necessary task when faced with the unfortunate circumstance of lost or stolen car keys. Not only does it alleviate the ...
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What to do when your car key won’t turn

Encountering a situation where your car key refuses to turn in the ignition can be immensely frustrating. Yet, before succumbing to panic or immediately calling ...
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Keys in ignition of car

What to do if you lose your car keys

Have you found yourself in the frustrating situation of misplacing your car keys or keyless remote fob, and to add to the worry, you have ...
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auction gavel

What to do if you’ve bought a car from an auction without keys

So, you’ve bought a car from an auction, but unfortunately, it didn’t come with any keys. Don’t worry, Carsmith Midlands is here to help you ...
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Kia car key

Fixing a faulty car key remote

Understanding car key remotes Car key remotes have revolutionised vehicle access, evolving from merely locking and unlocking car doors to controlling a range of functions ...
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car keys locked insde car

Why you shouldn’t smash your window if you lock your keys in your car or van

Locking your keys inside your car can be an aggravating and nerve-wracking situation. At Carsmith Midlands, we understand the frustration that comes with such a ...
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