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Why you shouldn’t smash your window if you lock your keys in your car or van

Locking your keys inside your car can be an aggravating and nerve-wracking situation. At Carsmith Midlands, we understand the frustration that comes with such a predicament. However, it’s crucial to refrain from impulsive actions like breaking your car window to retrieve the keys. Despite the urgency or desperation you may feel, there are compelling reasons why this course of action is strongly discouraged.

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Locking your keys inside your car can be an aggravating and nerve-wracking situation. At Carsmith Midlands, we understand the frustration that comes with such a First and foremost, smashing your car window poses significant safety risks. The shattered glass fragments can cause injuries to yourself, passengers or animals trapped inside the vehicle, or even bystanders. From cuts and bruises to potential medical emergencies caused by glass shards, the dangers are clear.

Moreover, breaking into your own car could attract unwanted attention from thieves. A broken window signals vulnerability, potentially making your vehicle a target for theft or vandalism. Waiting to get the window fixed may leave your car and belongings at risk.

In addition to safety concerns, smashing your car window results in costly vehicle damage. Repairing or replacing a car window can be a financial burden, with expenses often exceeding £250. Such costs are typically not covered by insurance, leaving you to foot the bill.

It is also worth noting that intentionally causing damage to your vehicle may invalidate your car insurance policy. Most insurance providers require policyholders to take reasonable precautions to protect their vehicles. Deliberate actions like breaking a window could nullify your coverage, leaving you unable to claim damages or losses

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Instead of resorting to drastic measures, consider more practical and cost-effective alternatives:

1. Get a spare key made
Arrange for a spare key to be cut and programmed, or invest in one if you only have a single key. Having a spare key can save you time, money, and hassle in future lockout situations.

2. Call for roadside assistance
If you’re a member of a reputable roadside assistance service, they can help you gain access to your car without causing damage. However, be prepared for potentially longer response times.

3. Contact a professional auto locksmith
For a reliable and swift solution, reach out to a mobile auto locksmith like Carsmith Midlands. Our experts specialise in vehicle lockouts and can safely unlock your car without causing any damage. We prioritise prompt service and ensure quicker response times compared to roadside assistance.

Remember to always have a backup plan in place to prevent locking your keys inside your car. Whether it’s keeping a spare key accessible or exploring keyless entry options, taking precautions can help you avoid harm, vehicle damage, and insurance complications.

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