How to fix a snapped car key?

What to do when your car key breaks

Why choose a professional auto locksmith?

While it’s possible to get a replacement key from your car dealership, this option is often expensive and time-consuming. Dealerships charge a premium for spare parts, and you might have to wait a significant amount of time for your new key. Instead of dealing with these hassles, consider calling a local locksmith.

Advantages of calling a local mobile auto locksmith

Opting for a local and mobile auto locksmith service offers several benefits:

Quick response time

At Carsmith Midlands, we understand the urgency of your situation. Our team is ready to assist you promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer affordable services compared to dealership prices, saving you money.

Expertise and equipment

Temporary fixes and their drawbacks

While waiting for a replacement, some people might consider using super glue to fix their broken key. This is not advisable, as the key can break again, especially if it’s in the ignition. Using glue can also lead to more severe problems, such as damaging the ignition lock, which could result in a more costly repair.

What to do if your key breaks in the door

If your key breaks off in the car door, don’t panic. Contact Carsmith Midlands, and we’ll take care of it. Our experts use specialised tools to extract the broken key piece safely and efficiently. Once the key is removed, we can provide an immediate replacement, ensuring you regain access to your vehicle without delay.

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